Induction Motor Start

We must make use of starter systems to have a decrease in the starting current. In industry, the adoption of an efficient starting system involves consideration of facility capacity, load requirements to be considered, and the capacity of the generating system. The main starting methods used with three-phase induction motors are: self-transformer low-voltage starter, Gates 92741090 star-delta start and winding rotor induction motor starter.

Although there is always some exception, in general, an induction motor requires around six times its nominal current to start the rated voltage. In most applications, residential or industrial, small induction motors of the low-power squirrel cage type, allow to start with a direct connection to the network, without showing any drops in the supply voltage and without noticing in the motor a increased acceleration period, from an inertia, to its nominal velocity. Due to the high values ​​of the starting currents, the energy concessionaires responsible for the distribution of residential and commercial energy establish limits of power for the full load of prominent motors.