Tips for renovating your home with dark tones and synthetic enamel

Weston house painter
Want to know how to adopt dark tones and surprise? Then check out the amazing tips that the
Clube das Tintas team has prepared for you!
Renewing the environment with dark tones is possible, especially when seeking harmony and
balance contrasting with light tones.
One idea to radically change and transform the environment is to bet on dark walls, which give
a unique personality to the place.
To promote the best aesthetics and improve your relationship with the environment in which
the dark color paint will be applied, consider the issue of lighting. It is crucial for the project to
be successful when using these shades.
And you, have you ever used dark tones in painting a property? Do you want to dare in this
sense? Tell us about your experience.
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Synthetic enamel
Although it is also offered in a matte model, most people use the glossy and satin versions of
this product. It is very suitable for materials such as iron and wood, and the application forms a
kind of film on the surface.