Traditional Italian Restaurant in Campinas – 30 years

Cantina Fellini was born unpretentious and welcoming. A little corner of Italy in Cambuí

inspired by the work of the cinema master, Federico Fellini. After all these years, an ever-
present thread leads to magic, enchantment and poetry, because, as has already been said:

“The essential is invisible to the eyes”.
Nostra Cantina-Cozy Environment
A trip to the magic of Fellini’s films. Comforting and welcoming for the best moments in life.
Everything is produced within the Casa itself. We brought techniques and recipes typical of
Italy to Campinas in an unprecedented way.
Service of
Valet and own parking on site with insurance. Reliability and security for your comfort.
fellini canteen menu
The classics that consecrated our house. Traditional and copyrighted that bring the best of Italy
at any time.
There are always eight options of pasta, meat, poultry and fish that change weekly. Every
working day.
Most current of world gastronomy with our touch. Available at dinner.
Come visit us! A piece of Italy in Campinas.
Av. Cel. Silva Telles, 514. Cambuí.