Adequate Ventilation

To ensure proper operation of the engine installations, the following precautions must be taken:

– Always check the insulation of the motors which is calculated for a temperature of up to 40 ° C;

– It is important to control the ambient temperature;

– Ventilation of the motors must be adequate to avoid overheating;

– Check and carefully clean ventilation holes and engine fins by removing dust and fibrous materials;

– take care that the place of installation of the motor allows free circulation of air;

– check the functioning of the auxiliary ventilation system and the free circulation of air in the ventilation ducts.

In self-ventilated electric motors l1410t baldor , the cooling air is supplied by an internal or external fan driven by the motor shaft. Airflow entrains dust and lightweight materials that little by little clog openings or channels and prevent the passage of air and the normal dispersion of heat, which would greatly increase the heating of the engine. However, it is common to find in the industry, motors installed in inadequate spaces that limit the circulation of air, which causes excessive heat.