Environmental Conditions – Electric Motors

For the selection of an engine several factors will be decisive and the importance of these factors will depend on the use to which the engine will be subjected and the possibilities of the investor, as power supply; environmental conditions; load requirements and service conditions; consumption and maintenance. Corrosion protection should be tested in environments where the electric motor is exposed to radiation, dust or hazardous substances that will degrade the engine Leeson 096001.00. The enclosure and materials suitable for engine protection may be chosen to provide protection against contamination.

Water protection should be evaluated when an engine is to be exposed to water, or even when in storage and levels of protection range from minimal vertical drip protection to total underwater underwater pressure. The operating temperature of this motor must be considered when using sensitive electronic equipment or when the ambient temperature is not at 40 ° C or when the environment is sensitive to the heat dissipation of the motor. Add cooling mechanisms may be considered to counteract excessive heating of the engine or the surrounding environment.